"I would like to say how pleased I am with Trinity Learning Center. My son, Julian has been with you since he was eight months old and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the staff. Miss Tiffany and Miss Lakisha have been so helpful in getting him transitioned in the toddler class. He has become a better child, his social skills have significantlly improved, and he is happy, which means everything to my family!

I could not feel more blessed to have YOU all to help me in the education of my son."

Parent - Manoella Martin

"I came to pick my son up from school last week only to be told by my darling three-year-old, "No, Mommy, I am not ready to go home yet. Please let me stay and finish my computer time." Hmm. This is interesting. My child wants to stay at school! I then took full advantage of the situation, realizing I had a good twenty minutes to myself (which of course any mother would be thrilled to achieve).

As I sat outside enjoying the beautiful afternoon, I overheard a few TLC staff raving over a holiday card they had received. This card simply stated, "Thank you." The fact that anyone in today's busy world took the time to say thank you was so special to the staff.

I do understand why my son wanted to stay longer. It is not only about the computer time. It is the loving and caring warmth the staff exudes. The secure atmosphere with Christian values, positive feedback, chapel day, Kidzone, Bible study on Wednesday evenings, and of course we can't forget the famous mascot red buggy rides, all set TLC aside and puts it on the map for the best secret in town.

My kids would never be half as sweet and pure without TLC in our lives. I would like to personally thank each of the Trinity staff. Your contributions to my family are simply priceless. We have truly been blessed.

Thank you, SMC

"I have a two-year-old son named Gus. He is my light, my love and my life. Gus goes to Trinity Learning Center. My husband and I wanted to be sure that he would get the very best care! We have watched him blossom! It's wonderful to see how much he loves going to "school." We know how much Gus loves TLC and everybody there. We ask him if he wants to go and see everybody, from Miss Storm to Miss Jacki and his teachers - Miss Gloria and Miss Merri - and all of his friends. And every weekday, boy, is he ready! He's always happy and excited to go.

The entire staff takes excellent care of the children. I receive wonderful gifts of arts and crafts that my child has made. They sing, dance, learn and discover, play, and read. The activities are enriching and endless. The children receive good, positive attention, safety, and loving care from their teachers. And everybody receives God's Love and Spirit! I can't thank the family of TLC enough for what they do! Every staff member has made a true and important contribution in each child's life. They make a difference, and it's important to let them know how thankful we are. Thank you, TLC.

Love and Thanks, Gus' Mommy

"Our son Michael enrolled in Trinity when he was 3 months old. We had heard Trinity was a loving, caring school of professional educators. From our initial tour of the school to our sonís last day, we have nothing but great things to say about Trinity. They taught him how to walk, talk, read, and socialize at an advanced level. As first time parents, Trinity has always been there for us guiding us in raising our child. Thank you Miss Storm and the Trinity family for helping us raise a wonderful son. We will always be grateful for the fine job you have done.

The Gruchacz Family